Ph.D. thesis: The residential housing program “Modell Steiermark”

My Ph.D. thesis is about the so-called residential housing program Modell Steiermark. It deals with the satisfaction in these estates after a use of up to 40 years. From 1970 to 1991 an interdisciplinary research program focused on a housing development in Styria/Austria by integrating participatory methods into the planning process. The so-called Modell Steiermark investigated the key factors of social housing. This experimental approach combined applied research with interdisciplinarity that involved politicians, architects, scientists, housing associations and the public. It led to the creation of an astonishing type of social housing with aspects of sustainability and responsibility in the process of planning and use. Positive aspects of this include strong relations among the residents, a low number of relocations, and a high level of personal identification from the residents with their housing complex.

Ph.D. thesis:

Der Wohnbau des Modell Steiermark (in German, Abstract in English)